Friday, July 28, 2006


How shall we choose the burden between fear of truth, the sorrow of darkness and the loneliness of silence?  That vile and imperfect proposition its choice, where knowledge is both forbidden fruit and heavy stone.  In darkness what good to make so much of so little where silence feigns the quandary of mind.  Is it truth that suffers so little, and what too of respect, honor and trust?  

You may hide anything you want from anyone, save your self alone.  Time can not heal these stones broken they will forever be a part of you.  You may choose to misplace them within the darkness of your soul to become the weight of your conscience.  You may choose to cast them away from you and must ever fear falling over each when you find yourself lost and without trust.  You may build therein walls to protect your fear until in darkness you are alone.  

Lament you cruelty of bitter fruit expected as pressed under stone of trust broken and wail truths substitute to fill this, your cup of pity offered.  If perhaps you know my mind, by what right or benefit do you seek so important a privilege to decide if I am able or willing to taste truth at the feast of sorrows reconciliation?  As honor betrays me, I am left broken in heart, vulnerable in spirit with shaken vacant soul.  Even as I thirst, respect that, from which for honor of my own soul, I can not, I will not drink from this your cup of pity for truth.  

You may not have, least stolen, that which is not given.  Neither may, in truth, I give that which you do not seek.  As you ask not forgiveness, nor seek the still waters of my heart. Neither can I give you shelter nor bare your burden.  I did not so receive nor can I so impart your sorrow.  I am not the burden you have chosen; neither can I bear that which you have not laid down before me.  

Know this, I am still that well from which you may and always could drink.  I will carry you, Should you ask, if and as I am able.  So too that this may become your become your ballast dear.  What ever your burdens; pass not my heart, divide not my spirit, join not my soul without truth as your light.  Upon my word, this promise I did make and it shall I keep upon my honor.


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