Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cool Patches

I have spent the last six months catching up and I am still behind, but maybe not so much. Katrina kicked my ass. There were so many things to post process, assimilate and reconcile. Mac, Jim and a number of the guys have been back. One day I will comment on what I saw, maybe. Anthony put together an amazing book about the trip.

A Journey of Hope is a coffee table book unlike anything you have ever seen. The images are… well get the book.

We spent many many long hours in Anthony's van working on GIS sets, producing and crafting map products for the teams, WiFi and VOiP Wireless RF Engineering and Design for Mac's group. Mostly under the wing of Mr. Bill McCusker with Florida EMA ESF2 we performed these tasks along with other data collection, dissemination and coordination projects. "Ask first, then do it anyway, you know what you have to do." - The Cornel

I was in Monterey studying Russian at DLI when Loma Prieta hit in 1989. I had been trained as a combat medic and was on standby to assist. I was not called up. It is hard to be ready and able and watch the game from the side lines. I have had plenty of opportunity to apply my skills since then. Before I was finished I went to Space Command. Cool Patches, Good work.

I was invited to join both a DMAT and USAR team after Katrina. This time I passed. There is too much going on just now, but I am working on several projects that may be of use to these guys down the road. The teams from RI, GA, and TN were some serious get er dun ass kickin men and it is an understatement to say that it was both an honor and pleasure to work with these guys.

I have not been blogging lately. I have some interesting things to catch up on so hopefully….